Sponsorship FAQ

Starkville Parks & Recreation is expanding rapidly. As we add on to our programming and facilities, we are also expanding the opportunities for local businesses to partner with us. 

What should I do to begin the process of sponsoring an asset within the Parks & Recreation Department?
Outline your vision for sponsorships and the needs you'll want it to fulfill, both personally and for our organization. Then, visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page to learn about the current offerings we have available. Contact our Sponsorships Manager, Ashli Coggins, to either move forward with a current opportunity or to build a custom package. 

How can I be sure a sponsorship fits within my business budget?
Our structured sponsorship programs stretch across different price ranges. When considering the vision you have for your sponsorship, be sure to have a figure in mind so that your package can be tailored to your budget.

What are the terms of a sponsorship agreement?
In most cases, the terms of sponsorship agreements can be negotiated; however, we prefer to structure deals on a multi-year basis. All sponsorships agreements are subject to the approval of the Mayor.

I'm interested in multiple sports. Is there a way my sponsorship can be applied across different leagues?
Yes. Many of our sponsorship opportunities are structured specifically to reach across different leagues and programs. 

How can I be sure my investment is protected?
When negotiating your sponsorship deal, our team will ensure you are fully aware of the assets and incentives you are being offered. We also produce yearly reports to highlight our sponsors and the way their contributions were used throughout the year. In the event that a current sponsor has questions, he or she is able to reach out to our Sponsorships Manager directly for a detailed response.

I am interested in sponsoring Parks & Recreation as well as Cornerstone Sports Complex. Is there any way for my sponsorship to be integrated between the two?
Yes. Ask our Sponsorships Manager about tailoring a custom package. 

Who should I contact to learn more about sponsorships?
Our Sponsorships Manager is Ashli Coggins. She can be reached directly by email.