Our Team

Our team is made up of dozens of community members who share a commitment to the citizens of Starkville. Whether maintaining parks and facilities or implementing programming components to fit the diverse community we serve, each team member with Starkville Parks & Recreation is devoted to providing the best experience possible for our guests. 

Our managerial staff is comprised of community members with years of industry experience in their designated areas. Each is equipped with the qualities and skills needed to contribute to the growth of Starkville Parks & Recreation. 

Brandon Doherty, General Manager

Kelsey Totty, Executive Administrator

Kristen Odom, Finance Manager

Ashli Nicole Coggins, Marketing and Sponsorships Manager

Doug Heflin, Director of Operations

Joe Dan Baker, Facility Maintenance Manager

Danielle Jones, Food and Beverage Manager

Chris Graves, Business Development Manager

Interested in joining our team, check out these employment opportunities.