Cornerstone Sports Complex: Home of the 2023 Youth Baseball & Softball League

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Construction Update: Walking trails have now been paved.

Sidewalk Asphalt

Construction Update: Scoreboards are installed at each field.

Scoreboard Installation
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Light Testing to Begin at Cornerstone Sports Complex

The long-anticipated opening date for the newly built Cornerstone Sports Complex is on the horizon, and as the grand opening draws nearer, we are excited to announce the next phase in our construction: light testing. The purpose of light testing is to ensure our stadium lights are installed and functioning as expected. It also allows our team to validate that the correct illumination is being cast upon our fields, so that once we begin hosting leagues and events at the park, our players, officials, and spectators will have the most comfortable and safe experience possible. 


Light testing takes place during the nighttime hours, usually between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m., and while we don’t expect direct interference with any homes or nearby businesses, community members may notice changes in some environmental factors. There could be additional lighting in some areas that are usually dark, and there is a small chance that some residents may hear noise in small increments caused by the ongoing work. 


As construction moves to a close at our new ballpark, we look forward to providing the community with more updates that include information regarding a grand opening, scheduling for leagues and programs, and insight into tournaments and bookings already scheduled for the upcoming year. We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the final stages of construction and look forward to soon inviting you to Cornerstone.